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Since 1893, the NSIA has been a thriving, active organization that plays a major role in irrigation matters for the State of Nebraska. First and foremost, the NSIA supports educational conferences, workshops, and meetings for members. In addition, the Association works with groups whose interests support irrigation activities in Nebraska. Underlying these activities is an agenda that seeks to further explore the need for effective irrigation project management.

A cornerstone of the Association’s activities focuses on broadening the collective knowledge about water management and related natural resources.

To that end, the NSIA became the force behind the development of the Nebraska Water Leaders Academy in 2009. A year-long program, the Academy provides training in the technical aspects of water plus a leadership track using proven concepts of leadership principles.


Tonight at 6 pm on NET World, the tv program Nebraska: The Great American Water Machine, will make its world debut. Ground and Surface Water is interconnected.  One feeds and grows off the other, without one the other would not exist.  This program discusses the impact of the water from Nebraska City to Scottsbluff, from Holdrege to Valentine. The power to grow crops to the power to run your dishwasher comes from water.  The program discusses the wide number of groups that use the water that is in Nebraska and the amounts of water that surrounding states receive from this “Great American Water Machine” that we call Nebraska.

This NET World program was put together with Nebraska State Irrigation Association (NSIA) along with the financial backing of the following sponsors: Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District Hydro Division, Nebraska Public Power District, North Platte Valley Irrigation Districts, Farwell Irrigation District, Frenchman-Cambridge Irrigation District, Sargent Irrigation District, Twin Loups Reclamation & Irrigation Districts, Tim Anderson Memorial Water Education Fund, and the Water Futures Partnership Nebraska.

Schedule of Showings

  • Thursday, March 11, 6 p.m. (NET World)
  • Thursday, March 25, 7 p.m. (NET World)
  • Sunday, March 28, 12 p.m. (NET World)
  • Thursday, April 15, 7 p.m. (NET World)
  • Sunday, April 18, 12 p.m. (NET World)


Water Leaders Academy

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